Q:  What is Rootementary’s main niche?

A:  We offer our clients a full menu of color & highlight services. Root Refresh is our signature service: in & out in about an hour for root touch up.


Q:  What color line does Rootementary use?

A:  We use Schwarzkopf Professional Color as our exclusive color line.


Q:  Why do we use Schwarzkopf Professional Color Line?

A:  Schwarzkopf Professional is one of the most versatile and highly respected color lines in the beauty industry.  It is the only color line that offers both ammonia-free and ten-minute color.  Not only do they offer a complete color line, but also they are known for their exceptional gray coverage. www.schwarzkopf.com/


Q:  What Retail Hair Product lines does Rootementary carry?

A:  We carry Schwarzkopf, Pureology, Enjoy and L’Oreal Retail Products.


Q:  Does Rootementary service color corrections?

A:  No, we do not offer color corrections.  Our main goal is to maintain your hair color in between your regular stylist appointments.  If you need a complete color correction, we recommend you see your stylist or we can refer you to one.


Q:  Does Rootementary cut hair?

A:  No, we do not cut hair.  Our main goal is to maintain your hair color in between your regular stylist appointments.  If you need a haircut, we recommend you see your regular stylist, or we can refer you to one.


Q:  What is Color10? And is it for everyone?

A:  Color10 is Schwarzkopf’s exclusive color line that completely covers gray hair in just ten minutes.   Color10 is not for everyone, as it is currently only available in certain colors.  If your color is available in Color10, you will be in and out in half of the time and rest assure that your gray will be gone!


Q:  All of your services are a la carte; can I get more than one service at a time?

A:  Yes, although our services are offered individually, we encourage you to complete your look with the services that are required to fulfill your needs.  If you need help deciding on which services to choose, you can refer to our Trending Combos on our Menu of Services for popular ideas.


Q:  Do you have an ammonia free color option?

A:  Yes, Essensity by Schwarzkopf is our ammonia-free color line.  It is not only ammonia-free, but also free of silicones, mineral oil, sulfates and artificial fragrances.


Q: How will you know my color for my future visits?

A:  Your entire experience at Rootementary is tracked by our Internal salon automated software system.  We log everything into our database from your previous color service to your favorite beverage.  So feel confident knowing that we can review your color history and maintain your previous color or update your look.


Q:  What if my stylist uses a different color line?  Will you be able to match my color?

A:  We will be able to match any color to convert your formula and make it compatible with Schwarzkopf.


Q:  Do you do Ombres or Balayage?

A:  We do not do ombres or balayage, as they are considered custom colors.  If you are seeking these services, we recommend you see your stylist or we can refer you to one.
Q: What should I do if I have allergies to hair color products?

A: If you are aware of any allergies to hair color products please make sure to tell your colorist at the beginning of your consultation so we can review product ingredients and discuss options with you.



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